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About the Cosmetologist

Anetra Polk is not only a hairstylist; she is a “scalp renewer”. Since 2007, she has made it her goal to be known for her ability to strengthen and renew the scalp so you will have the healthiest hair possible.

Anetra’s styles and techniques have been featured in many faces of fashion. She has participated in fashion shows and photo-shoots creating runway and cover-worthy hair designs. In addition to her work, she has also taught classes in seminars and beauty schools in the Lexington area and hopes to one day branch out into other parts of the country.

As a little girl, in Versailles, KY, Anetra was always fascinated with hair and fashion, but originally aspired to be a nutritionist and physical therapist. She shortly changed her path when she sat in the chair of her now mentor, Nicole Stromburg, and was taught and exposed to the science of healthy hair. She then fell in love with the art and decided to pursue it after her father and some family members encouraged her to do so. Anetra focused on pursuing a formal education in hair care, training professionally at Lexington Beauty College, where it was clear that she possessed an adept artistry.

By 2007, Anetra had mastered the art of cosmetology and was well on her way to becoming a well-known name in the city of Lexington, KY and surrounding counties. Anetra continues to educate herself at least twice a year to keep herself current. She has many things in store for the future and to open her own salon is one of them.

In between working hard, styling clients, and staying focused, Anetra resides in Lexington with her son.

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